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Our Story


MILAJ is clean skincare with clinical roots. It is also the passion project of renowned skin care expert, Melissa Haloossim. MILAJ incorporates Melissa’s 18 years of hands-on experience in the industry. As the founder of Skin Thesis, she has built a significant social following and works with top influencers in entertainment, fashion and business from all over the globe.


Symbolized by our modern butterfly, MILAJ is a solution to the dynamic and changing qualities of our skin. As we evolve from one stage of life to the next, so too do the needs of our skin. Tweens and teens require formulas that balance and promote clarity. Adults need formulas that hydrate and protect against environmental damage. MILAJ aspires to approach skincare with targeted solutions for the different chapters of your life.

Our formulas combine nature’s most potent actives with biocompatible ingredients. MILAJ is skincare that delivers visible results—without any questionable extras. MILAJ products are always free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, and petroleum-derived ingredients.